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For the past 30 years Cheryl Diane has helped clients find their way to a more fulfilling and healthy life.

By attentively listening during a thorough evaluation of their symptoms and lifestyle choices, she has coached clients toward a better awareness and understanding of their whole being.

More than thirty years of experience in cooking whole foods has let her develop a prodigious collection of recipes and techniques that add delicious range to the often restrictive diets required to return her clients to optimal health and help keep them there.

Her gift for connecting with people allows her to team up with her clients, together developing a tailored set of life tools they can use to monitor the balance between their lifestyle, body and spirit, and which they can employ to stay true on their path towards optimal health.

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Optimal Spirit

Freeing your spirit is the first step toward healing your whole being.

Optimal Body

Learn to listen to your body and to notice when it pivots away from optimal health.

Optimal Diet

Having a restrictive diet should not mean an end to mouth-watering meals.

Optimal Lifestyle

Small changes can often make a big difference in your health.



Food Coaching

  • Individualized Food Checklists
  • Personalized Recipes
  • Preparation Pro Tips
  • Master Shopper Techniques
  • Super Foods and How To Use Them

Follow an individualized program

Learn from a master of whole food preparation

Selected Recipes

Spiritual Coaching

  • Active Listening
  • Praying Powerfully
  • Tailored Daily Guide
  • Finding Daily Peace & Calm
  • Creating Windows of Powerful Support

The first step toward change is acceptance

One day at a time you can heal yourself with holistic living.


Lifestyle Coaching

  • Tailored Daily Roadmap
  • Create A Foundation To Root Your Body
  • Discover Your Personal Passion
  • Learn How To Slow Down Time
  • Learn To Eliminate Environmental Toxicity

Learn How To Thrive, Not Just Survive

Changing your nutrition is a process of evolution, not revolution

Client Stories

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The best thing I have done for myself

From the moment I met Cheryl Diane I knew she would be the one to guide me back to health and balance. When she looked at me it was as if she looked all the way into my being… Cheryl Diane has a way of actively listening and I finally felt heard around all my suffering…

Person on a summit

Cheryl's help has been such a blessing

My life has been steadily changing since I implemented Cheryl's guided nutritional changes and cooking techniques. Sometimes a little too fast for me…. But that is OK. It is alright if I take two steps back and then take three steps forward. As my body is progressing, my medical tests are improving and my soul is even progressing…

Cheryl Diane

Cheryl Diane Beatson

My passion in life is to witness healing in those that I work with and lead, guide and walk beside each person with tender care. Over the years I have witnessed many miracles around healing and I have come to recognize the magic the body holds around balance. Once one learns how to truly listen and ask the right questions the body will respond.
I write programs that are individually metabolic based upon the lost art of listening. Because the world has become so toxic it is vital that each one of us learn the strengths and avenues that support rebuilding the body. As we rebuild our systems a foundation begins to support the being. The life force of healing is within each of us and the body strives hard to be well. It is hard to be sick and unwell. Once the body manifests symptoms it has been trying to find balance for many years. The magic of whole health is learning to listen to the still small voice from within and become a master at jumping off the vicious cycle of endless thoughts.
As the program takes form a food checklist is written and agreed upon. Food is medicine as was once written by Hippocrates. I teach food is medicine or poison. Based on the inflammatory pattern that has been owned and written by each person this will determine which food combinations support or desecrate the immune system. A healthy mind provides healthy emotions. It has been taught the importance of connecting all three minds to support whole health. There are many possibilities around support for whole health but finding the right round table or team to support you is major towards healing.
Each person that finds me brings me gifts too. As I watch and listen to the client a template starts to take form. To be a true listener and be present is a lost art. To be conscious in the moment is rare now and brings many gifts to student and teacher. Being a witness to healing and the joy felt is the gift the client gives to me.